Pushkar Reward


Around this time of the year nearly 3 years back few of our like-minded colleagues (batch-mates was more apt at that time ) decided to utilize a few days leave by visiting Ajmer.  I was never quite religious, but a quick trip to break the monotony of the mundane life suddenly seemed lucrative. And i could also get a few good snap as the place has lots of historical stuff. Along with a couple of t-shirts and my camera headed to catch a bus.

Not going to the details of the journey we reached Ajmer from different corners of Rajasthan (Postings). After a brunch we headed straight to Pushkar. The 23 Km journey through the dwindling roads of Aravalli was a good beginning. We had to leave the car few hundred meters from the lake. From there we had to take a small path to the lake  which was dotted with tiny shops on either side selling all sorts of  things starting from the pictures of god and goddesses and puja materials to ornaments and shoes.  A small arched gate marked the entrance to the lake area, i guess there are several other gateways also. According to literature there are nearly 500 temples in the lake area and nearly 52 bathing ghats !!! Just opposite to the gate there stood the one and only Lord Brahma temple.

The weather was generously dull that day, and every thing seemed gloomy. I captured few snaps, but it didn’t gave me the color and contrast that i had desired.  The sky was cloudy and that reflected in the lake, blue was entirely missing from the scene. While playing with my Olympus an idea struck me, lets capture it in monochrome. After few shots and tweaking the aperture I just got what i had traveled for. The above image was captured at 1/500 sec , f/5.6 , ISO 64.

Looked around for my friends to share it, but where are they?? Ohhh!! They were still near the arched gate, shopping , while one of them was proceeding towards me holding something in his hands folded in a crumbled paper. Extending his hands he said ” kaha gayab ho gaya tha? yeh le garma garam samosa kha.. bariya banaya hain”.

Instantly rewarded  🙂

Will be back again with another picture and its story.